21 June 2016

How To Channel for Beginners, an Easy Guide. How To Do Channeling Step by Step

how to channel
Channeling for beginners; here I explain how to perform channeling and what it feels like to do. Learn how to channel step by step.

My previous two videos explain what channeling is and how to meet your higher guide for channeling. This video gets right down to the matter and explains how to do it and what it feels like.

Anyone can perform channeling so long as they are properly prepared. With practise, you can gain a feel for what channeling feels like. A common question is, 'How do I know I'm channeling and that it's not merely my own thoughts?' There are subtle differences, such as a feeling of being 'taken over' (in a good way). You begin speaking without stopping (while you are very relaxed) and the concepts that come out can really surprise you! You find yourself thinking, how did I know that? Where did that come from?

You must be very relaxed to perform channeling so that your conscious mind becomes bored and effectively dissolves, leaving your deep and powerful subconscious mind open as a vessel for communication. Think of your subconscious mind as the bridge to your soul.

After you have built a relationship with your higher guide for channeling, you can relax and let them speak through you. Now you won't and shouldn't feel like you are possessed, you are still yourself, you should still be in complete control. Please see my article/video on protection. You do feel however, like a stream of information is coming out of you that seems to not originate with you!

There are other ways to describe what channeling feels like as explained in the video below, however, another feeling is that time seems to pass very quickly. Because your conscious mind is partially 'offline' it is not keeping track of time. Even though you're doing lots of work and producing lines of text, a beautiful painting, or recording hours of audio; it all seems to fly by very quickly.

This video also contains instructions on how to channel; the state you need to get into and how to prepare. Remember that the more you practise the easier it becomes. You gain a feeling for this subtle work and fine-tune your abilities. Like learning to ride a bike, you start to learn how it feels in subtle little ways until you master it completely. This is the same.

How To Channel for Beginners, an Easy Guide. How To Do Channeling Step by Step | Nicky Sutton 
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