19 June 2016

How to Meet Your Higher Guide for Channeling.

Meeting your guide for channeling
Before you start channeling, if you choose to channel a guide rather than your higher self, you need to attract a guide with the highest intent and ultimate wisdom. This entity can become a lifelong companion.

Your channeling guide will help you to become a clear and open channel as you learn, evolve and grow on your spiritual path.

It's extremely important, that if you want to perform quality channeling work, you receive information from a knowledgeable, balanced and positively polarized being. Entities in other frequencies of existence have their own personalities too and just like humans, possess varying amounts of knowledge and wisdom. and their intentions can also differ from yours.

You may actually have a guide waiting in the wings so to speak, ready to communicate with you. This guide could have been waiting for the right time to make contact. Your life plan may contain this mission for you, with an agreement already made with a suitable guide for channeling. The video below therefore, will aid you in ensuring that contact is made with the correct guide.

Presenting a wall of light, a barrier or love if you will, prevents negatively polarized entities from taking advantage of the situation and posing as higher loving guides with the intention of misguiding you. The challenge that you present has the effect of creating a barrier to any negativity. This must be penetrated in order to communicate with you.

Your intentions are key. Thoughts become reality as reality is thought. Intentions are the formulas for moving forward. Your intention must be clear; that you require a higher guide for channeling, one that will bring forth useful information into this earthly reality. Information that will benefit you and/or humanity. If there is a mismatch, if the entity is not who you require for channeling work, an energetic dissonance will be felt - you will intuitively feel that things are not right.

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How to Meet Your Higher Guide for Channeling. Your Channeling Companion
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