13 June 2016

What is Channeling? What is a Channel? Channeling Documentary + How it Works

We all perform channeling (or channelling) to some degree. But what is it and what is it for? What is a channel? What happens and who is communicating?

Channeling is the term used when someone opens themselves up to higher vibrations, opens their mind to communication from entities in other dimensions and densities of existence. Mediumship is the term used when a person brings through or 'channels' information or messages to a client from a loved-one passed over. Channeling itself though, is the term used when someone is acquiring knowledge, wisdom and understanding for the purpose of sharing it with others in general.

Examples could be, channeling information from an 'alien' society existing at a frequency outside of  our five senses and passing on this information to hundreds of people while speaking at a public event. Or, channeling wisdom from a higher guide of our own, in order to write a book. Or channeling creative imagery and expression from our spirit guides in order to paint beautiful works of art. Or channeling musical inspiration from a higher being specializing in sound and vibration.

Channeling refers to actually opening yourself up to being a channel. Like water flows through a channel in the rock, so too does knowledge and understanding channel through our minds. It comes from other layers of existence. to be provided to other people here on Earth.

To channel, we must lower our brainwave patterns to allow the conscious mind to dissolve. This happens naturally during mediation and it is in a meditative state (very relaxed and quiet state) that messages can be channelled. It is very subtle work and through practise we can gain the feeling for it. Just like riding a bike or learning to swim, it's very simple really, but you just need to get the knack of it.

Over time you learn to distinguish your own thoughts and feelings from ones that seem to arrive from nowhere. These thoughts then branch off in all directions and the information starts flowing though you like a river. Once it starts to flow, the conscious mind can potentially hinder the process, therefore we must stay calm and relaxed, and uninterrupted, so that the knowledge and creativity can spew forth (!) via the subconscious mind. It can come through quickly sometimes, and if you are performing automatic writing or typing for example, it can be hard to keep up (automatic writing usually refers to spirit contact, but during channeling, we are going less for the interaction and more for the flow if information and wisdom).

You forget yourself and time starts to fly by. You don't even notice the time. You suddenly come to your senses and see that you have written many pages, or recorded an hour of audio, or written five poems. 'Where did all that come from?' You find yourself asking yourself. 'I didn't think I knew all that!' or 'I didn't think I could do that!'. You may have had a little help bringing your wisdom or creativity into this earthly realm.

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This video explains what channeling is all about, when it is performed and what is feels like to do. More videos on channeling will be coming soon, especially focusing on how to do it yourself.

What is Channeling? What is a Channel? Channeling Documentary, How it Works
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