29 July 2016

Effects of Labelling Yourself and Other People: Creating Subconscious Beliefs & Realities.

Effects of labelling yourself and others
What are the effects of labelling people? What about the labels you apply to yourself? Pigeon-holing, name calling, stereotyping, categorising, or whatever you wish to call it; it's all labelling - and this creates real beliefs.

Examples include, 'I am stupid', 'He is slow', I am fat', 'They are useless', 'I will never amount to anything'. Labels can also be positive, producing positive effects, such as 'I am confident', 'You are a good worker', and so on. Labelling yourself can be done using positive affirmations, in order to reinforce positive perceptions of self within the subconscious mind. Affirmations are performed through conscious repetition.

By labelling the self, you are creating subconscious beliefs about yourself, which contribute to your ego, self-image, how you feel about yourself (self-esteem) and how you perceive reality. The subconscious mind accepts ideas through repetition - it accepts them as the unquestioned truth. This is then mirrored back in your daily life as firm beliefs about yourself and in turn your reality.

Repetitious labelling causes the subconscious to accept the label as a core belief, therefore incorporating it into self-image and perceptions. The subconscious is very impressionable. The subconscious manifests your reality to a great degree, therefore shouldn't we be careful of the labels applied to us and others?

Imagine a child that is constantly labelled as a naughty child. The child will more than likely take on that identity and actually be naughty because he or she believes them self to be such. Calling a child naughty over and over will not shame them into being 'good'. Calling them good (or labelling them as good) is far more likely to change their behaviour positively, as this will result in subconscious belief; the self-fulfilling prophecy, the bar to aim for.

Please watch the video below for a far more detailed explanation on this topic, how labelling occurs, what to watch out for, and some easy solutions to problems.

Effects of Labeling People, IMPACT of Labeling Yourself: Change Subconscious Beliefs & Realities.
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