9 July 2016

How To Do Remote Viewing Step by Step, Remote View Easily, Quick Training

remote viewing
Start remote viewing in a few easy steps. View any location at any time, past or future. It can be done by anybody although those with well practised psychic skills will find it easier.

Remote viewing is possible because we live in an energetic illusion, please see my two articles on that: Why Our Reality Is An Illusion and Consciousness In The Illusion. This is backed up by quantum physics. Time and space are both illusions. Hence using consciousness we can overcome these limitations. We must change the point at which our consciousness is focused; turn it in a new direction.

Places can be viewed in the past, present or future. All of this information is stored within our energetic illusion. Some call this information storage the 'Akashic Records'. These records are accessed by our consciousnesses all the time without us even realizing it. The records are everywhere, interwoven with our reality. You can view any place you choose, it doesn't have to be on Earth. Your third eye gets a great work out with this technique.

The Remote Viewing Process:

1. Start meditating in order to lower your brainwaves. About 20 mins meditation, preferably more.

2. Set your intention to view the place you want to view. You can use a map to choose a place, think about a place you know about, or focus on finding a certain person. Please view the video below for more information.

3. Focus on the place. Start to let the images form. Relax and let them flow. See this article on visualization if you require help visualizing. You do not need to 'travel' to your location as consciousness instantly refocuses to any point in creation of your choosing.

4. As images form, try to remember them. Explore. Rise up higher and see from above if you wish.

5.  Through a process of elimination you can identify the area you are viewing if you don't already know.

6. Simply open your eyes when you are done.

7. Write everything down to validate it later.

Please watch the video below for a much more detailed description of this step by step process.

How To Do Remote Viewing Step by Step, Remote View Easily, Quick Training | Nicky Sutton 
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