21 July 2016

How To Meet Your Spirit Guides Step By Step & Ask Them Questions

Meet your spirit guides
How to meet your spirit guides. Here's a quick process to help you connect with your spirit guides using visualization and meditation. Find out who they are and ask them questions.

Step 1: Decide on between one and three questions to ask your spirit guides.

Step 2: Get into a meditative position and meditate for about 20mins. Feel your body relax. Scan your body from head to toe and feel every muscle relax.

Step 3: Now start your visualizion. Visualize being in a beautiful garden. Imagine all the little details. Flowers, trees, birds, blue sky and so on. Walk through the garden to some steps. 10 steps leading down.

Step 4: Count yourself slowly down with each step 10, 9, 8 etc. At the bottom find yourself in an even more beautiful part of the garden.

Step 5: See, over to your right, a couple of comfortable reclining garden chairs. Go over to them and sit down on one. Relax even more. Feel the warm sun on your skin.

Step 6. Set your intention to meet one of your spirit guides.

Step 7: See someone coming in the distance. They become clearer as they get closer. Observe their features.

Step 8: Greet them and invite them to sit down. Ask them their name.

Step 9: Let them know that you have a few questions. Ask them one by one. Remember the answers. Let the process flow, do not try to control anything.

Step 10: Thank them very much. Hug them goodbye and feel their energy. Say goodbye and watch them go into the distance. Know that they will be with you every day anyway.

Step 11: Now it's time to leave. Always return the way you came. Go over to the steps and count yourself up, 1,2,3 etc.

Step 12: Once you get to the top you can open your eyes.

Step 13: Write your experiences down. You have been very relaxed, your subconscious mind in control; therefore you might find your experience a little difficult to remember later.

Please watch the video below for a fuller explanation of this process.

How To Meet Your Spirit Guides Step By Step & Ask Them Questions: The Process
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