10 July 2016

ROBOTS and A.I. Advancing Rapidly; Is This SKYNET?! Intelligent Armed Robots Soon Experts Worry.

I'm bringing attention to the rapid progression of robotics and A.I. technologies. Robots are becoming even more capable and are starting to feel a little close for comfort.

Some prominent experts are worried about the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, and paired with robotic technologies, could we end up with armed decision-making robots any time soon? I just ask, how do you feel about that?

Someone is funding these projects, so there's going to be a product at the end of it. How would you feel if the police force was augmented or even replaced with armed A.I? Many experts are concerned about accountability should armed robots be programmed to kill. Also, who makes the decisions on their programming and the instructions they are given?

We see A.I creeping into every device we own, and every human seems to have one now, even very young children. These devices are being equipped with ever advancing A.I technology, to the point where you can now hold a conversation with one.

I ask that you don't brush this off as science fiction due to rapid A.I advancement conjuring up memories of movies from the past. This is the danger; by talking about it you risk others thinking you've been watching too many movies! However now the robots are real, and they are starting to resemble those famous ones. The implications too could be very startling. We now have humanoid bots walking around which we didn't have 10 years ago.

Do you want to coexist with humanoid robot artificial intelligence? What will the world be like for our children? So long as there is profit to be made, and war is profitable, they won't stop until they have replicated human -  and they won't be capable of love trust me.

Please watch the video below for much much more.

ROBOTS and A.I. Advancing Rapidly; Is This SKYNET?! Intelligent Armed Robots Soon Experts Worry.
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