14 August 2016

Causes of Spiritual Awakening. Why Does Spiritual Awakening Occur?

Causes of spiritual awakening
What are the causes of spiritual awakening? Why does spiritual awakening occur? A shift in consciousness can occur due to a sudden event or accumulative trauma. The ego requires rebuilding as your perception of reality changes. 

Your spiritual awakening may have been caused by any number of factors. I group them into two main categories; a sudden event or accumulative circumstances. The awakening can then gather in pace after that, as you go on a path of searching and seeking in order to try to rebuild the self.

Sudden or Singular Events

1. The Earth is raising in vibration and moving from the 3rd density of existence into the 4th. This energetic change can trigger a subconscious remembering of universal truths due to these new energies bringing you closer to your true vibration (as you were before birth).

2. You may have been triggered to awaken by spirit guides, E.T.s, guardians (angels) or other positive entity. The trigger may have occurred during dream time or in your daily life, either is possible.

3. You come upon new information which blows your mind wide open to the possibility of there being more to life than we perceive with our five senses. For example, learning about quantum physics, Biocentrism or ancient history.

4. You have a paranormal experience, an experience that is 'outside of normal'. If you see a ghost or have near death experience (where you see the other side), then these and other experiences may cause you to question reality altogether.

5. A traumatic event such as a death, a break up or large financial loss. A sudden change to the notion of self, to the ego; can throw you so off balance that you start to question the nature of reality and your part in it. For example, the death of a loved one can destroy the ego so much that you start searching information on the possibility of their continued survival after death. A great financial loss can cause you to rethink the need for such worth and whether it is as important as you once thought. Your ego needs to reinvent itself as someone who is no longer wealthy and therefore it searches for answers in new places, such as regarding the nature of our reality.

For more causes of spiritual awakening, please watch the video below. 

Accumulative Trauma

Accumulative trauma can cause spiritual awakening. After years and years of performing the same tasks, such as going to work every day to an unfulfilling job, can cause consciousness to suddenly reject reality. Consciousness is ever seeking new experience and cannot be contained! We are not supposed to limit and dumb down our powerful consciousness. We are collectively suppressed through mass media hypnosis, food tinkering, air pollution, suppression of new technologies, and most importantly, suppression of information regarding the true nature of the self and our reality. 

A spiritual awakening can occur when your subconscious mind has had enough of the lies, and sends you on a path of searching and seeking. 

Please watch the video below for more information.