9 August 2016

Collective Manifesting, Changing The World Together Through The law of Attraction

Collective manifesting
The law of attraction can of course be used on an individual basis to attract and manifest what we desire. However, if we collectively use the law of attraction we could completely change the world for the better, with no limits whatsoever.

We are distracted to a great degree in our everyday lives by the media and other superficial and materialistic norms; all totally divorced from our true reality, true abilities and true selves. We don't manifest a better reality because none of us are taught to, or even realise we can.

The law of attraction is working every minute of our existence. The vibration you are holding causes experiences to attract to you. These experiences are experiential catalyst; catalyst for spiritual progression (or ascension). Most people on Earth are unaware that they manifest their reality, floating on a breeze of probable circumstances, performing no inner work whatsoever.

If you do the inner work and cleanse the subconscious of those negative core beliefs that are lowering your vibration, then you can easily manifest a better reality for yourself. I'm not talking about manifesting a mountain of money, because an advanced soul with a malleable ego wouldn't want to do this. Your subconscious mind holds all your beliefs; lessons you've learned about yourself and your reality, and programs you've written on how to deal with it - and if these beliefs and programs are flawed or incorrect, they will affect your conscious everyday life.

The universe is one being and it exists to experience itself. You are a pinpoint of consciousness within that infinite energetic being. It knows what you know because you are it. It will manifest for you, everything that it think you need in order to learn and experience effectively.

Whether individually or collectively, the law of attraction works in the same way. If many people hold a similar high vibration, then positive circumstances and events will manifest for everybody. We lack the ability to visualize a better, more Utopian world because all we have ever known is economic slavery, political b*llsh*t, corporate rule and insidious elite manipulation.

Please watch the video below for a much more comprehensive explanation.

Collective Manifesting, Changing The World Together Through The law of Attraction
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