30 August 2016

Do Heaven and Hell Exist? Why Do Near Death Experiencers Find Heaven and Hell?

Does Heaven exist? Does Hell exist? I'm often asked these questions. Here is my perspective. Near death 'experiencers' sometimes report seeing heaven or hell and this seems to confirm, for many people, the existence of these places.

Several different channelings, such as 'Seth Speaks', point out that our thoughts create realty, and that this applies more so once we go over. Realities are manifested at will on the other side, therefore if you go over expecting to see hell, you will get hell. If you go over expecting to see heaven, or even God or Jesus (in the stereotypical sense), you will get exactly what you imagine.

Beings on the other side, those tasked with aiding in the after death transition, have to 'talk-down' these deluded souls from their manifested realities. A theatre of the mind is produced by the newly 'dead' soul, and other entities participate in it until the truth is realized. They have indeed died, yet the reality they expect to see is, in fact, merely an hallucination of earthly religious dogma.

Therefore those who go over with an open mind, free of expectations, will experience the 'truth' of the matter, what ever that may truly be; still manifested via thought, yet far more balanced and real.

So do heaven and hell exist? Not according to me and many others who have made contact with the other side. Mediums too will agree. You may still hear them refer to life on the other side as 'heaven' and this is closer to the truth than hell. Yet it's not a heaven in which you will find eternal rest. Consciousness is in a never ending state of expansion, and this classical notion of heaven would become boring rather quickly. For without catalyst for experience, both positive and negative, we would each stagnate and creation would hate that :-)

Please watch the video below for an in-depth explanation. Thank you.

Do Heaven and Hell Exist? Why Do Near Death Experiencers Find Heaven and Hell?
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