5 August 2016

Why Time is an Illusion. Past, Present and Future All Exist Now

Time is an illusion
Time is an illusion. It's all very well saying that but what does it mean??

Here is the understanding that I have gained through reading various scientifically orientated materials, several highly advanced channelings, and my own channeling which I perform almost daily (in love and light).

Past, present and future all exist now. People always say that time is an illusion...okay but why is that so? In our energetic reality (the program of life fed into our consciousness), time is one of those rules or conditions of our experience. The video below should help you to see through the illusion of time better on the way to discovering your true (energetic, infinite, loving) self.

The reason why I care about time so much is that it controls our lives terribly. All our actions are performed against a clock. A perceived point within a day, week, month, year and so on. The finite nature of our lifetime becomes ever so apparent! Time is, however, actually our perception of the sequence of events occurring.

Time flies when you're having fun right? You are perceiving the passage of time very differently because you are not paying attention to it. Time passes slowly when we want to get what we are doing over with. We are constantly noting the time on the clock. Time seems very elastic in this example.

Within our reality comprising of particles of energy and empty space, time is a perception hardwired into the brain of our human vehicle. We experience time in a linear fashion because we experience it from within. Outside of any timeline, we can see events as they unfold simultaneously. Within the timeline however, we believe we are always at the cutting edge of time, the absolute present moment all the time. The 'you' 10 minutes ago believed the same thing. The 'you' 10 minutes from now will also believe the same thing (unless you take on board what I am telling you now!). You always believe you are at the edge of time, the present moment. But each 'you', at each moment, believes the very same thing. If you look at this belief at every point in the timeline you would still believe the same thing. Always the present moment. Yet it is always, and never, the present moment.

Imagine everything that has, is and ever will occur contained in one book. You can flick through the pages and begin reading at any point, and that point always becomes 'now', the present moment. Yet the book is already written, done. Yet it is totally alive and contains within it, not only the story of everything but the story of anything that could possibly occur. Every probable thought, action, word, circumstance or deed, all contained in the book; every timeline is there. This makes one big book! Creation is infinite. Please watch the video below for further explanation.