27 September 2016

7 Reasons Why The Ego Is Not a Bad Thing

is the ego a bad thing
Here are seven reasons why the ego is not a bad thing. Many believe that the ego is something to be purged in favour of becoming in tune with the 'true self' or soul. But here are a few reasons why you're probably better off finding a nice balance instead!

1. People confuse the ego with inflated ego. The ego is you in this lifetime; it's your personality, how you perceive yourself, your self image, self esteem, everything about you that makes you who you are. With whom and what you identify, creates the tangled web of you. Inflated ego occurs where someone seemingly has a very high opinion of themselves. Often this is not truly the case, as they are likely hiding some deep emotional wounds and traumas under that facade of super confidence.

However, when most of us think of the ego or being egotistical, we perceive someone who 'loves themselves too much' or holds themselves in very high regard; exhibiting behaviours that often adversely affect others. If we return to the definition of the ego that I gave at the start of this point, we see that we each have an ego, and that if we didn't, we would be an empty shell of a thing! Therefore, it's beneficial to balance the ego, not purge it.

2. The second reason why the ego is not a bad thing, is because you are unique and the ego is you. We are each very different entities! Your ego forms your experience in this lifetime and your experiences help form your ego. It is the mental construct through which you view this reality in order to gain unique experience. In your next life you'll have a different one!

3. Another reason why the ego isn't a bad thing, is that you are here in this lifetime to experience being human. You may learn a great deal and start to transcend your human limitations, but it is a human experience nonetheless. You have human urges, such as the need for inclusion, procreation and other human wants, needs and desires. It's a human experience for you to utilise to its full experiential potential.

4. It's a challenge to balance your ego, and we all need a good challenge for ascension's sake! You can choose who you are and how you want live and behave. You were given certain norms, beliefs and attitudes growing up, but as an adult you can change all that, and choose every aspect of your new dynamic self.

5. Without the ego you would be an empty vessel and perhaps, a bit boring. You would be a kind of formatted robot. You'd have no unique personality, aspirations, aims, biases, wants and needs, and so on. If you were to sit meditating constantly trying not to have a single thought in your head, then you won't be having much of a human experience. So by purging your ego, you risk going too far and becoming rather void and well, boring! Going for a balance is better.

6. You are unique for the benefit of creation. You are part of creation and we are all 'one'. Creation is one energetic being, and it exists to experience itself. You are a unique individual, part of creation experiencing itself. Creation wants each of us to be unique with a unique ego so that experiences are rich and varied. Without any kind of ego, we would all be clones of each other.

7. You can blend your ego with your true self. Now that you are an awakened spiritual entity, you can work on your ego through meditation, learning, spiritual work and more. You can access your higher self, your true self, as well as blending that with your unique personality and ego in this lifetime. It's all about using both the true self and your unique balanced ego together, for further ascension.

Please watch the video below for a fuller explanation. Thank you so much.

7 Reasons Why The EGO Is NOT a Bad Thing
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