19 September 2016

How To Balance The EGO and How The Ego Impacts Life.

Tool to balance your ego
Your ego is your personality while incarnate in this lifetime. It is your perception of yourself, reality, and your role within it. Woven among this web of concepts is also your self esteem and self image; how you feel about, and see yourself.

Your reality alters as your ego alters, and your ego is indeed malleable - you can change it. For example; I perceive myself as a great wrestler, very strong and tough. I then come to a point in life where I begin to disassociate my sense of self from the wrestler image and find a spiritual path as a Buddhist. I even decide to become a monk; I wear monks clothing and meditate. Here you see, the perception of self, behaviours, self image, wants, needs and desires, have all changed - and therefore my reality has entirely shifted. I now perceive life very differently as a Buddhist to that of a wrestler (not saying anything negative about wrestlers in any way!).

So this opens opportunities for us to amend our egos. We are now aware that we have one, instead of letting it run riot and control every aspect of life unchecked. This kind of ignorance can cause people to become very materialistic and/or self centred!

So as I said, you can choose who you want to be, and manifest any type of reality for yourself (once you feel the subtlety of it and truly believe). Tweaking your ego can help immensely in manifesting. I have found that for many, their ego totally transforms in the years following a spiritual awakening and working on it becomes second nature.

I developed the most ridiculously simple tool for identifying parts of self for improvement. I will explain this shortly.

But first, I must add, that much of ego is formed by past experiences, from childhood into adulthood. The conclusions you draw, create how you view the world and yourself within it. These are written into 'programs' running in the subconscious that tell you how to interact with the world today and how to feel within it. Things happened to you, people said things and you learned much about this dynamic reality, but sometimes these lessons were not helpful - or even downright incorrect.

You can look back and identify events that created these programs. Go over events, understand and accept them, and using your conscious mind of today, put them into perspective. Please see my video on healing negative core beliefs here.

You can improve your self esteem and self image; two core aspects of the ego. When suffering due to unbalanced ego, we have unbalanced energy centres. It's amazing how calm, peaceful and content you can feel by doing inner work and ego work, bit by bit.

When you come across a circumstance, thought, or aspect of self that intuitively feels incorrect to you, here is the tool you can use:

Ask yourself: 'Is that really me? ... and who am I now?'

You might identify with certain things, for example, having a fast, expensive car. Ask yourself, 'Is that really me? Who am I now?'  and you might decide that having this kind of car is irrelevant and choose to spend the money on a vacation for the kids instead.

You hang around with a certain group of people that you don't really resonate with. Do I really have to do that anymore? Do I need to identify with them?

You don't have to hang on to old decisions made. The ego is malleable and you can change parts of it - it belongs to you.

You can unpick old decision, routines, assumptions and norms of behaviour. Do I need to continue to have those beliefs? Are they really right? Question anything you want about the self.

So ask yourself, 'is that really me... and who am I now?, ' it's as simple as that.

I'll just say, don't hate on the ego, it's very natural to have one while you are here! Although it's nice to have a balanced one. Please see the video below for a much more in depth explanation.

How The EGO Impacts Life + Awesome TOOL For Balancing YOUR Ego 
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