15 September 2016

Spiritual Awakening, How Are You FEELING?

Spiritual awakening and feelings
How are you feeling during your spiritual awakening? It can be a positive and exhilarating experience, but at the same time, it can be intense and overwhelming. I want to validate how you feel and tell you that you're not alone.

Spiritual awakening is different for everybody. Some people say to me that that their awakening has been very positive, exciting, mind bending and wondrous. Others relate that their awakening has taken it's toll on them. That all they can see is negativity in the world, that they are powerless to stop it and how they feel lacking in purpose.

It's very important to observe your thoughts, feeling and emotions during your spiritual awakening. Your consciousness shift can be quick, like a tonne of bricks falling on your head, or can be slower, as your subconscious reveals to you gently, the truths that you had forgotten. You go on your path of searching and seeking, and find that certain pieces of information fit within your puzzle - truths starts to resonate with you. Other times you hear teachings and facts that you can't relate to, and that's fine, you needn't accept them, only what you intuitively feel is right.

Thing is, by observing your feelings during your awakening, you can gauge how things are going. I created a video recently on the illuminati and how they are not trying to prevent the mass awakening because it would be a futile task, instead they are attempting to manipulate it for their own ends down a negative path. In this way, by observing our feelings and emotions, we can see if they are taking a negative turn. To quote what someone said in Star Wars, probably Yoda, 'this is the path to the dark side'.

If we are feeling overwhelming hatred toward our hidden controllers, we are experiencing negative energy within our mind/body/spirit complex. If we are exhausting ourselves by intensely searching for answers to the nature of existence, then we will become stressed and anxious. If we alienate ourselves from others in our lives because they don't think the same way as us anymore, then we experience loneliness. A balance must be struck.

Therefore, can you see how asking yourself, 'How am I feeling?' during a spiritual awakening, is advantageous?

Please watch the video below for far more explanation on this topic. Hopefully you will find it of use during your spiritual awakening. Much love.

Spiritual Awakening, How Are You FEELING? 
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