30 September 2016

The Human Electromagnetic Field: Proven Energetic Communication!

Human electromagnetic field for communication
The human electromagnetic field is generated most strongly by the heart. Where there's electrical current there's an electromagnetic field. Electricity courses through each of us all the time, and we therefore produce an electromagnetic field. Research shows that this field actually carries information that is shared with other people!

Everybody has an electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields are created when electrical current flows. The stronger the current the stronger the resultant field. A nerve impulse is a wave of electrical activity that passes from one end of a nerve to another. We are full of nerves sending electrical messages all over our bodies all the time. So we are a hotbed of electrical activity! As you can see from the diagram, the human body radiates out a magnetic field.

Recent research as cited within the video below, has found that the human body can act as an aerial with the capability to send and receive energy to and from it's environment. This also includes energy exchange to and from other people. This energy exchange has also been found to influence our thoughts and emotions.

So, this shows that when our electromagnetic fields intersect, we are likely to be subconsciously communicating with each other. You know, when you just get a 'feeling' about someone? Perhaps this has a lot to do with it.

Data shows that when people touch or are in proximity, there is an energy exchange. This is detected by an electroencephalograph. This highlights the importance of touch or at least being in close proximity of each other.

It has also been found that the heart communicates with the brain and the rest of the body through magnetic field interaction. It was proposed by scientists that this electromagnetic field provides a synchronising signal for the entire human body. Therefore, the body is communicating with itself all the time; for example, to move your limbs, for digestion, and body temperature regulation.

Heart field interactions between individuals may well be operating just below our level of awareness. Magnetic attraction or repulsion between people may actually be physically real! In addition, we are likely to be subconsciously synchronising with each other if we spend long periods of time together.

Use your intuition to feel that feeling of physically and emotionally synchronising with another person. You could be reading their emotions and details about their personality. This could also be the scientific explanation for psychic abilities

We are also part of the earths magnetic field and this is likely why psychic communication can be performed over long distances. But up close it can seem a bit easier.

A feeling of love can magnify if we are in very close proximity. Touch produces biochemical responses within the brain, however if our electromagnetic fields are intersecting there could be a lot of psychic communication going on. On a soul's level you might be sensing if another person's soul is aligned energetically with yours.

Please watch the video below ofora lot more information, plus citations and quotes.

The Human ELECTROMAGNETIC Field: Proven Energetic COMMUNICATION! | Nicky Sutton 
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