10 September 2016

What Do Premonitions Feel Like? How Do Premonitions & Precognition Occur?

How to premonitions occur
How premonitions occur and what do they feel like? How do we know when we are having one? 

Premonitions tend to occur in the following way for most people; a thought will pop in to the mind about something. It may seem random and out of place. Suddenly, something that has not been recalled or thought about in some time, or an idea that has never struck you before, pops into the mind. You brush it off as a mere thought, a normal thought. But then, usually the next day, or within approximately three days, the thought that you had, becomes reality. For example, you haven't thought about a certain person in six months. Then, they suddenly pop into your mind. You might think about them for a moment, and then your mind moves onto the next thing. Incredibly, the next day, you bump into that person in the store. That is a premonition. 

People tend to think that a future event will suddenly play out in the mind and then later come true. Although this does occur on occasion, premonitions more often feel like a simple recollection of something or someone, or having a thought or idea. The 'synchronicity' aspect of it then comes into play where something to do with that random thought occurs in the near future.

Premonitions can also occur in dreams, and for some, this is the primary way they occur. A family member of mine dreamt of a car crash, then one month later saw the exact same car crash unfold in real life. In this case the premonition was a month in advance, so premonitions can occur well ahead of time. Know that the further in the future a predicted event is to occur, the less likely it is to actually happen! 

Oftentimes, premonitions go unnoticed. An event or circumstance happens in your life and there is some vague recognition that you have thought of this recently, but the connection is not made. If you are aware of your ability to predict the future in every day life, you can better spot when it is happening. Next time an event or circumstance occurs that triggers a remembering of a thought or idea you had just recently, make that connection and say 'Hey, I thought of this just yesterday!'. We all have premonitions all the time but because of the seeming insignificance of the thousands of general thoughts running through our minds all day long, we fail to draw out those which coincide with future events as they unfold. Being aware is enough to start recognising your premonitions occurring.

This video helps to unravel the differences and similarities between these and other spiritual senses, plus how to sharpen these senses to encourage premonitions to occur. Watch it and go much deeper into the phenomenon of premonitions.

Also, explained in this video...there's scientific research on this topic, proving to a certain extent, the actual existence of premonitions and precognitive abilities. Plus, the difference between premonitions and precognition. You'll hear some examples too.

PREMONITIONS. How Do Premonitions & Precognition Occur? + PROOF + What It's Like
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