3 September 2016

YOUR INNER CHILD. Using The Inner Child To Find The TRUE SELF In This Hectic Reality.

How to find your inner child
When we are born we possess only emotions and basic 'programming'. We are perfectly balanced; we know and require only love (as well as physical needs).

Earthly reality then serves to change us. We construct our egotistical selves, and subconsciously mould our self image, self esteem (or lack of) and our personality in general.

We can spend a lifetime trying to heal what was once perfect and never broken. Validating and building a connection with our inner child can help us to find comfort, meaning and purpose in our lives, as well as getting closer to our true selves which existed before the programming and conditioning of life took hold.

A child arrives into this earthly life fresh from the spirit world. The life review of the previous lifetime is complete, balancing and healing performed, and the soul is ready for it's next experience. Love is the truth and experienced in abundance within the spirit world. This seems strange to us here on Earth because it's just not normal to exist in such a way. The newborn, however, has undergone the forgetting process and remembers nothing of previous lifetimes or the spirit world; only a clean slate with basic programming - that of love.

We then begin our earthly programming and start travelling down the road of earthly experience, both positive and negative. This helps to mould us, along with the conclusions we draw, resulting perceptions, and ultimately our behaviours and modes of thought. The world changes us. Of course we can't stay an infant forever, but you see, here on Earth, our way of life is not very evolved in universal terms. Hence, the soul, newly formatted for fresh experience, undergoes an onslaught of experiences, quite primitive in terms of social behaviours and social structures!

Although we may experience a very positive lifetime, there is a high chance that we may land quite a negative one (depending on choices made before incarnation). These experience take a toll on the personality and, as I said, shape our egos, our personalities and how we perceive reality.

We start out pure and lovely - and then life happens to us. It may be positive or negative or somewhere in between. If however, we try to get in touch with our young self, that pure and loving self - we may learn a thing or two to help us move forward in adult life. It's like spiritual progression in reverse. Backward ascension. How do we get back to that place of being so balanced after all that we have experienced? Please watch this video explaining all about it...

YOUR INNER CHILD. Using The Inner Child To Find The TRUE SELF In This Hectic Reality.
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