9 October 2016

10 Reasons why GHOSTS HAUNT. How Do Souls Become EARTHBOUND Spirits?

Why do earthbound  spirits / ghosts stick around and haunt buildings and sometimes people? Ghosts are souls just like you and me. Imagine a person, a human, who is upset and confused. They may act in ways that are not actually beneficial to their well-being. The same is true of a discarnate spirit who has not yet moved toward the light, they are, most of the time, afraid and confused individuals.

After death, when the spirit is released, it is still a projection of the soul/higher self, acting independently according to it's own free will. It can choose not to go over to the other side. Here are some reasons why a spirit may remain on earth and therefore become an earthbound spirit or ghost...

10 Reasons Why Ghosts Haunt

1. They are confused and can't understand what has happened - that they have died.
2. They feel there is unfinished business to complete here on Earth.
3. They may not want to leave loved ones behind.
4. They may want justice or revenge for some wrong doing that has happened to them.
5. They want to put things right or make amends.

6. They experience guilt for dying or leaving, or something that they have done.
7. They cannot accept/believe/realise that they have died.
8. They do not believe in an afterlife, so carry on as if they were still alive.
9. They have suffered a terrible shock from death are existing in a confused/disarranged state.
10. Extreme attachment to their earthly way of life &/or ego. They love earthly life.

Don't feel afraid of ghosts as they are essentially just like us but lost and/or confused. They require healing and love just like humans do.

For much more information, please watch this video.

Why Do GHOSTS HAUNT? How Do Souls Become EARTHBOUND Spirits? 
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