10 October 2016

ABUNDANCE: Is it Greedy, Materialistic or Selfish To Want Abundance?

Abundance vs greed
Is it Greedy, Materialistic or Selfish To Want Abundance?

We talk about abundance when referring to a range of spiritual matters. For example, we use the law of attraction to 'manifest abundance'. We hope to unite humanity in oneness and understanding so that there is abundance for all. We try to do our inner work to heal our negative emotions, so that we can experience unclouded abundance in our lives. But what does abundance really mean?

Abundance is not money. Yes you can have an abundance of money, but the problem with that is, if you collect money to excess, then you realize that there are others in the world with out any - and this can weigh on your mind (however for many it does not). Don't be hard on yourself if you are rich; it's the system, it's designed this way. You've worked hard, perhaps you have a successful business, you are proud of your achievements - and good for you. However, the entire economic system is built upon competition (rather than cooperation) and scarcity (rather than abundance). There will naturally be the very poor, the very rich and a whole spectrum in between.

So when we look for abundance, it's not just about money, it's about everything in life. One of the first things we realize as a spiritual seeker is that extensive riches don't buy happiness. The relationships in your life create abundance, as does our vibrant health, exciting pastimes, challenges, aims, talents, experiences and a purpose to pursue. Yes some of those things are easier to enjoy with money, but it's not selfish to want abundance because everybody deserves it. There are enough resources on this planet for everyone to live well, but the resources are not managed properly and not distributed fairly. It's a greed-based system.

Every baby born on this planet should be entitled to the same as every other baby. As the system currently has it, where and to whom you are born dictates your quality of life. Does that seem fair? Therefore, all people are entitled to an abundant life (animals too and all life). It's not greedy to want abundance because it's our birthright.

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ABUNDANCE, What's The Big Deal? Is it Greedy, Materialistic or Selfish To Want Abundance? 
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