29 October 2016

Are Ghosts Aware or Unaware of Us?

Are Ghosts Aware or Unaware of Us?
Among other characteristics, ghosts fall into 2 categories; aware of people and unaware of people. These two kinds of ghosts are fundamentally different and here's why.

Some ghosts reenact certain sequences of events over and over again, for example, battles or daily routines. These are sometimes caught on camera for ghost hunting programs. These ghosts are often unaware of us.

Their energy is very focused and strong because they are often obsessed with what they are dong. They are repeating events over and over because they can't let go.

The projection of the soul, the ghost, may not be fully conscious. It may be a part or fragment of a soul, reliving events over and over as a process of coming to terms with past events.

There might be screams heard within a building or someone sees an apparition every now and then. This is a type of a thought-form entity, a projection of the soul, stuck in a repetitive cycle reenacting events unable to find a release.

Then there are ghosts who are aware of people. They are a powerful, focused energy with the ability to interfere with our reality. Some can move objects others not. Being aware of our reality, they can see and hear us. If a ghost moves objects intending to frightened people (this type of entity is called a poltergeist), it's best to steer clear and bring in a medium or priest who can perform spirit release and send the entity to the light.

Not all ghosts are sad, twisted or negative by any means, yet they still remain on the earthly plane unable to progress to the spirit world. They may be unable to let go of a house, people that used to live there or their life itself. 

So to summarise; ghosts who are unaware of people tend to be reenacting events in a cyclical fashion due to an inability to find peace.  They are reenacting their life or traumatic events that occurred. These ghosts might be mere fragments of the soul, existing for the purpose of healing.

Then there are ghosts who are aware of people, able to perceive and interact with our reality. This may well be a human soul/entity recently (or not so recently) deceased, unable to let go of this earthly plane, choosing to remain..

Please watch the video below for further clarification.

2 TYPES OF GHOSTS (Earthbound Spirits) - Aware and Unaware of Us 
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