7 October 2016

Witnessing A Suicide. Plus My Thoughts on Suicide

witnessing a suicide
A few years back, a very sad thing happened that I want to share with my viewers. The reason I share this story is that I have learned various lessons from the experience and perhaps this man's passing can spark thought among others. Suicide is never the answer as each lifetime is a precious gift to use to its full potential. If you ever feel like ending your life then you MUST reach out to others. Feeling alone at such a dark time will greatly compound your self destructive urge. Finding someone to listen to you, can quickly make a huge difference.

Please reach out to a friend, family member and/or your doctor if you feel suicidal. Call an emergency service if someone you know is suicidal.

If you are in the UK Samaritans.org  will listen and help.
If you are in the US Save.org can help.
The rest of the world please Google 'feeling suicidal' and a local organization should come up.

I witnessed a suicide and I felt a roller coaster of emotions due to this. I empathised with the young man who took his life, and heard the statements of his friends at the hearing some time later. He didn't need to die, but I heard the possible reasons why.

Again, we have a gift here, the gift of life, of learning and experience. Our 'soul' puts us here for a reason and it wants us to complete our challenges. Whether events are positive or negative in your life, it's all good catalyst for the soul. Things can and WILL get better. Negative energy is trapped within, therefore you can begin to release this through talking to someone who will listen. Inner work after that; healing of the negative events and circumstances that lead you to feel this way, bit by bit, you will feel better. You are amazing and your life is special.

Please watch the video below for my full story and thoughts on suicide.

I Saw Someone Commit Suicide. Sad Real Life Story + Thoughts 
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