15 November 2016

Do We Have Freewill? Is Freewill An Illusion?

Do we really have freewill? It may seem very obvious that you are making the decisions in your life, you are in the driver's seat. However, what if I said that every decision you make is due to cause and effect.

Every decision you make is due to everything that ever happened that lead up to you making that decision. Everything that ever happened in the external world that you ever experienced that contributed to your perceptions, reasoning, beliefs, preferences, memories, biases, self image, self esteem and much, much more about 'you' - all this produces the actions that you take.

Therefore your decisions are made based on past experiences and the resulting thought processes. It's logical.

However, quantum physics argues a different case, that the position of electrons cannot be predicted, therefore the future is not preordained - therefore your decisions/choices cannot be certain, because of the effect they have on the reality you are interacting with. This means that you must have freewill because otherwise the future will be permanently written for you. There is only one logical decision for you to make at every turn.

But wait...don't I support the fact that premonitions and future predictions are possible? That would make the future preordained, and therefore our freewill an illusion! The future is written within each time-line, all futures are possible - it just depends which timeline you choose to take. So predictions are possible but become less and less likely to come true the further into the future you go.

Creation is one infinitely intelligent, infinite being, consisting entirely of its own intelligent energy. This being exists to learn and experience itself. It's all around you, everywhere, it is everyone, every animal plant and object. All is energy, as proven on the atomic level, and this energy runs through all things.

Now we could argue that seeing as we are part of 'creation', it is creation that has the freewill and we are merely puppets. However, for creation to have unique experiences that are outside of it's own frame of reference, each point of consciousness (namely us and other beings) must be endowed with decision making capabilities. We must be free to choose, not merely based on logical reasoning from past experiences, but by using the heart too. That illusive concept called consciousness, that is yet to be explained by our scientists, a notion that we can't quite pin down, define, or find its point of origination; it's that that has the freewill. Not all decisions are based on a formula for decision making; our unique indiviual personalities, biases, and most importantly, our creative wants and needs, also come into play.

If we can't define the origination of consciousness and explain all of it's facets and the underlying cause for it's existence, how can we say that we do not have freewill? We are both logical and creative creatures. Yes we are creation, yet creation has given each of its infinite subdivisions its own freewill so that experiences are infinitely varied and unique. Otherwise it's like playing a board game on your own and being each of the players. It has the makings of a rather dull and predictable game.

Rather than a predicable reality where logic dictates every decision made and therefore every timeline travelled; instead probabilities come into play. Some timelines are more likely than others, you are more likely to make one decision than another. Your decisions are not preordained, but all possible actions are weighted with probability - retaining freewill for an uncertain experience.

Please watch the video below for much more on freewill and whether we have it or not!

Do We Have FREEWILL? Is Freewill An ILLUSION? 
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