24 November 2016

Does Prayer Work? What's The Point of Praying?

Why do we pray? Does it work?
Why pray? The act of praying conjures up religious mental images, and that's fine, but there are good reason for it and you don't need to be religious to do it. We realise, that as we live in an energetic reality, thoughts too are energy. Our thoughts are broadcast through prayer. 

We might wonder, who are we praying to? Does prayer work? And what is the process that is taking place? There are many factors at work.

Who Are We Praying To?

We are all one, the universe is one being and we are part of that being. When we pray we are communicating with parts of creation. Everything is part of creation. We are praying to God if you perceive creation as that. The infinite intelligence that is all that there is. 

You are praying to the mass consciousness, spirit guides, your soul group, your higher self, your subconscious - all parts of creation. You can talk to creation either in your mind, verbally or even writing it down. You might set the intention of praying to your higher self - a part of creation. It's a version of you in the far, distant, future. It may not hear your voice but it will gain a sense of what you're trying to convey. Through communicating with the higher self, we can gain inspiration and wisdom in this earthly reality. 

Does Prayer Work?

Prayer aids in manifestation. You are putting your wants, needs and desires out into creation through thought. Creation therefore replies through meeting your desires because this is what creation understands that you need. Creation always provides what you need for learning and experience. 

Creation is everywhere, it will hear you. You can also talk to family members who have passed on. You can communicate with them through thought. You may receive thoughts that seem like your own but they have been placed in your mind by your spirit companions. They are responding more than you realise. 

You can pray about anything; pray for someone to get well, to get a new job, to have abundance. This is classic manifesting. The more faith you have in your prayers being answered, the more they will manifest. Your thought forms will become reality. Prayer is a surefire method for manifesting. 

Once a day, have a little pray. By putting this positivity out into creation, it will be reflect back upon you; you are increasing the probability of positive outcomes. If you don't ask you wont necessarily get. 

Prayer taps you into the mass consciousness, the collective of all our consciousnesses. We are all connected energetically. Through prayer you are putting your thoughts and intentions out into the mass consciousness. Hence trends sweep the world, and inventions are invented by several people simultaneously across the world. So by putting your thoughts and ideas out there, others will pick them up. By praying for world peace, others will also act upon it. The more of us who pray, the greater the power our collective ideas have. 

For more about prayer please watch the video below. 

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