11 November 2016

How To Heal Negative Core Beliefs

Following on from my previous article and video on identifying negative core beliefs by following your triggers, the video below gives several methods on how to heal negative core beliefs. Examples are given and techniques explained.

A negative core belief is an unhelpful belief that is unnecessarily negative. It has arisen from some past circumstance, or event (a trauma), singular or repetitive, that has caused conclusions to be drawn about life and the way the world works, that are not entirely accurate or they are distorted. This creates 'programs' that run in the subconscious on how to react and handle life today.

These programs were written by the younger you that was not so wise or experienced. Negative core beliefs should be reexamined and put into perspective by the conscious you of today. Then the triggered emotions tend to melt away as the negative programs have been rewritten through understanding, acceptance and forgiveness.

This video gives examples of tracing back and identifying negative core beliefs, then explains how, through understanding, acceptance and forgiveness, we can rewrite the beliefs. Sometimes simply going back to past events with new perspective provides the necessary healing. Other times, role-play is used to provide more healing.

How To HEAL Negative Core Beliefs
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