8 November 2016

How To Identify Negative Core Beliefs When You Are Feeling Triggered

We all get triggered. Events or circumstances occur that evoke emotions within us. Sometimes these emotions can seem a bit extreme, like we are over reacting. They often appear completely unjustified.

Extreme or unwanted emotions triggered by certain events, can be a sign of suppressed trauma within the subconscious. These traumas have caused negative core beliefs to be written in the subconscious, running as programs on how to deal with, and react to, life today.

Here is an example. Imagine a child that is continually told to 'shut up'. Day after day, perhaps four or five times per day, the child is told to keep quiet or shut up. Over a short time, this trauma forms a program within the subconscious such as 'I must always be quiet', 'I am unworthy of speaking', 'I am unimportant' or 'I am worthless'. These are now core beliefs. Now, the child is not saying to his or herself that 'I am worthless' but the concept instead exists within the subconscious as a feeling, a perception of self and how to perceive and operate within society.

Then, in adult life, this child finds him or herself triggered. Lets say, their opinion is asked for at work. They don't know how to handle it, they suddenly feel ashamed and unworthy of making a verbal contribution. They feel small and embarrassed. Emotion bubbles up to the surface; they have been triggered. The core belief is a program running in the subconscious providing an emotional response to protect them from further emotional harm and to behave in the perceived 'correct' way.

Many of these programs are unhelpful and cause reality distortions. These negative core beliefs can be located by following your triggers down into the subconscious, unearthing thoughts and feelings that aren't usually consciously examined. These core beliefs can then be healed (instructions in the next video entitled How to Heal Negative Core Beliefs) and therefore the unwanted or extreme emotions being triggered today will lessen and lessen due the subconscious belief being altered.

Follow the steps outlined within this video to drill down into the subconscious and find negative core beliefs that you hold about yourself. Using this tool you can both identify the negative core belief, as well as locate the exact event(s) or circumstances that lead to the core belief being formed. The video following this one will then explain how to go about the healing process.

Please note that if you are being triggered due to an extremely negative trauma from the past then please seek the help of a counsellor or other qualified person for support. Also note that the tool within this video asks the question 'Why is that bad?' in order to drill down to find negative core beliefs. Normally the word ''bad' would not be used because it may make negative subconscious suggestion (thinking something is bad when it is not). This was carefully considered, however no other question, or variation on this question, yielded such decisive and quick results, and since we are seeking negative beliefs it proved to be the most effective phrase. Plus upon experimentation asking 'why is that bad?' when something is not bad, the person replies; 'It is not bad' or they have no answer. Furthermore a subconscious suggestion is a command or statement, this is a question (although leading, but we are trying to follow negative thoughts). I chose this formula for the best results. The question is not a suggestion. Do not use if it is not right for you.

Identifying Negative CORE BELIEFS When You Are FEELING TRIGGERED, for Healing
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