5 November 2016

The Hypnagogic Nap: A Powerful Way To Gain Inspiration From the Other Side.

The hypnagogic nap is a technique used to dip into altered states of consciousness for the purpose of gaining inspiration or higher wisdom.

Instead of trying to remember dreams by waking yourself up in the night and making yourself tired, use this technique to snatch little portions of dreams, images, concepts and sensations from 'the other side' and write them down to keep. Enhance any wonderful creative works you are doing or use it for self development.

Beethoven, Albert Einstein and Salvador Dali used this technique to access higher wisdom and gain inspiration for their works.

What is the Hypnagogic Nap?

Instead of going to bed and setting an alarm to go off in the night in order to interrupt your dreams (to better remember them) and writing them down, go for a super quick meditative nap. Interrupting your sleep cycles in the middle of the night can leave you feeling tired and groggy the following day. Instead, we perform the hypnagogic nap when we are tired, but not at bedtime, so that we don't interrupt that all important full night's sleep.

We aim to pop over into sleep, just quick enough to experience an altered state of consciousness and then bring ourselves back to write down what we have experienced. We can do this repeatedly during a special meditation session. We snatch pieces of wisdom and insight from the other side.

REM sleep, the dream state, usually occurs (not always) approximately 90 minutes after we go to sleep. But during the hypnagogic nap, we are not actually going for the dream state. When you go to bed your brainwaves lower toward the alpha state and then the theta state as you enter sleep. This is the point where your mind wanders into other layers of existence, into other realities. It is here we want to go, and a little beyond. We aim to dip into sleep for a few moments and then wake ourselves up.

Setting an alarm clock may not work. This is because we may not have achieved sleep before it goes off, alternatively we may go too deeply into sleep. We are aiming for that threshold as we transition into sleep, the hypnagogic stage. Therefore we use a technique to wake ourselves up right the point the body lets go and fully relaxes.

How to Perform The Hypnagogic nap

1. Sit up straight in a meditative position. The shoulders and head unsupported so that when your head drops you will wake up.

Alternatively you can hold a metal object over a metal dish, or other object that will make a noise when dropped. You can sit up straight holding a key and when you drop it you will awaken.

Have a pad and pen ready, or a tape recorder.

2. Protection. Because we are peeping into other realities please employ protection. Please read my article on protection here. For example, set your intention to receive only positive information. Ask your spirit guides to protect you.

3. Set your intention. For example, to see imagery to inspire a beautiful paining, or to gain wisdom to help others find happiness and peace, or to realize ideas for a piece of writing.

4.  Give the subconscious mind the instruction to remember what you see, hear and feel. Do this by saying to yourself: 'Remember everything' several times.

5. Begin meditation (however we are actually going nearer to sleep here). Let go and experience a relaxed state. Don't worry about imagery coming into your mind.

For some it is difficult to fall asleep bolt upright, but it can be done with practise. It may take 20 mins or half an hour to fall asleep. You may use mediation music. Don't try too hard, let it flow. You may get images and sounds floating by as you are going to sleep, this is fine, don't resist anything.

6. As you fall asleep, your head will drop forward or the key will drop and awaken you. Open your eyes and write down what you have observed. Then you can go again if you wish. It might take a little while to fall back asleep due to opening your eyes, but it will be quicker this time.

Another method is to set your alarm on a Sunday morning to snooze. Drift in and out of sleep, say 4 or 5 times. You will be more likely to have experiences and visions in this state. Once you are done, write down what you remember. It is also a good idea to give the subconscious mind the command before bed to 'remember everything', repeated several times to the self.

Doing this process you'll find, that over time, wondrous imagery, inspiration, ideas and wisdom will come to you. This should help you with the creations you are working on in daily life.

Please watch this video for a fuller explanation.

The HYPNAGOGIC NAP: Gain Inspiration From The Other Side & Remember Short Dreams
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