7 December 2016

How to Get Into The Trance State Without Drugs

How to get into a trance without drugs
You might want to get into a state of trance for channeling, gaining higher wisdom, spirit communication and more.

Trance allows you to be a vessel for communication. You might want to write a book, poetry or paint wonderful pictures - you can do this in the trance state. You may also want to dictate information to another person or record what comes through. Being in a trance state facilitates all this.

Please read my article on protection which is very important when making contact with other layers of existence.

What Does Trance Feel Like?

Trance can become deep; some people can achieve this. In deep trance the person is not consciously aware of what is going on, or of their surroundings or the information being channelled through them.

Trance can be lighter where information is flowing through the person yet they are conscious of the process. This feels like your consciousness is a bystander, almost a third party consciousness observing the channeling. The information is coming through, the conscious mind is aware, but has no bearing on the process. The mouth seems to be talking, but there is no conscious thought.

Thirdly, trance can be light, where the person is simply very relaxed. Snippets of information come through as if surfacing from nowhere and come to mind like thoughts and revelations. These can be mistaken for your own thoughts.

A trance state is any state where the conscious mind has dissolved due to the brainwaves lowering, please read my article on brainwaves. Therefore the subconscious mind comes through and can freely communicate. During deeper trance however, the conscious mind goes totally offline (becoming unaware of the process), yet the person seems to still be aware and able to interact (eyes closed or open).

Please watch the video below for a more detailed explanation and information.

How to Get Into The TRANCE State WITHOUT DRUGS
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