2 December 2016

Common Themes of Near Death Experiences. What's On The Other Side?

What is on the other side? After death
I want to illustrate how there is more to you than you see in the mirror, and help remove some of the fear of death which is tremendous for some. At the same time as remaining aware that this lifetime is precious and must be savoured, we can remove that fear of our consciousness snuffing out like a flame in the wind. This will help us to enjoy a freer existence now.

One way to gain our own proof of the existence of an after life, and to gain a glimpse of what awaits us on the other side, is to listen to near death experiences.

A near death is experience occurs when a person dies for a short time and is then revived. In that time their soul departs the body and begins to experience the after life.

Some common themes of near death experiences:

  • Seeing a light that you are drawn to.
  • Finding yourself within a tunnel of light. 
  • Floating upward or in a pleasant feeling void
  • Seeing deceased family members and friends, often communicating with them. 
  • Communicating via telepathy with those you meet.
  • Seeing a religious figure such as Jesus or a Saint (especially if you are religious).
  • Hearing or seeing people's activities (such as nurses' conversations in other rooms within the hospital) and bringing this knowledge back after revival.
  • Seeing other people (still living) who cannot see you.
  • Becoming aware of the oneness of all things.
  • Feeling intense love.
  • Feeling intense joy.
  • Feeling at peace.
  • Seeing your own lifeless body.
  • Being shown scenes from your past or multiple scenes within a life review.
  • Being shown your impact on others in your lifetime.
  • Being told that it is not your time and that you must return.
  • Being shown the future should you choose to return or not to return.
  • Being given information.
  • Feeling fear (usually experienced by atheists who are in denial or religious people who fear punishment/Hell).

Many people who die for a short time and are revived experience such events. Either our brains are pre-programmed to hallucinate such scenarios or consciousness is actually going somewhere where this is common. The list above can therefore provide some insight as to what the other side is like.

The video below features some real examples of near death experiences, with the view of sharing with you the most common themes. All these accounts are quotes from the NDERF website.  Please visit nderf.org for a huge resource of information on near death experiences, plus of 4000 recorded experiences. If you have ever had one, send it to them to log for the benefit of mankind. Perhaps humanity will begin to take the phenomena more seriously.

What's On The OTHER SIDE? Common Near Death Experiences + Real Examples
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