4 February 2017

FREE Guided Meditation: Alternative Timeline Exploration. JUMP TIMELINES.

A guided meditation to shift timelines. During this meditation, I will relax you down into state of gentle hypnosis. Using guided visualization, I will help you to experience a timeline jump to potentially see what alternative timelines may hold. Please note that these are only possible alternative realities, there are likely many alternative realities. And remember the further we drift from the present, into the past or future, the greater the probability of variation from this present reality.

It is subtle work and there is no signal that you are actual experiencing alternative realities, instead, the images and sensations will simply come to you very gently. Perhaps you'll experience the suggestion of certain surroundings or the feeling of someone being there. Perhaps the visualization will be stronger and you will see other timeles more vividly as if you are actually there. This process is different for everyone. Have an open mind and enjoy.