6 February 2017

How To DECALCIFY Your PINEAL Gland & What To Eat/Take/Do & AVOID To Detox & Cleanse The Pineal

I'll explain how to decalcify and detoxify of the pineal gland (third eye) and how to begin eliminating calcified deposits. The pineal gland is the physical manifestion of your third eye. These are suggestions only. I'll explain fluoride's role, plus a host of other chemicals that I will look into in depth. I will explain what 'brain sand' is, plus what to eat, take and do to start the process of decalcifying and cleansing the pineal gland, and the substances to avoid also.

It's not just all about fluoride. Calcium carbonate and others play a big role, plus other halides such as chlorine and bromide. Taking natural Iodine and magnesium are very likely the way forward and I will explain how and why. Decalcify your pineal gland to help you reconnect to creation and the infinite and intelligent energy therein. This will also help with how to decalcify your body if needs be.