9 February 2017

Spiritual Awakening, Why Do I Feel CRAZY?

When spiritual awakening hits us, we can feel sick or crazy. Mental illness too is often a diagnosis. But why is this so? Spiritual awakening is an intense paradigm shift for many, their whole reality has been obliterated and the ego therefore dies with it. We need to readjust to our new perceptions of reality, of ourselves, and of our roles within reality. What's worse is how we perceive ourselves in relation to others, and how others are perceiving us.

How can we relate to our family and friends in the same way, now that we have totally different views on reality? It's fine if we know other spiritual people, or at least those who understand how the system really works. But if we don't, we can feel alone, invalidated, even ridiculed and crazy. If our perceptions,attitudes and beliefs are no longer in line with the majority of people, then we are often considered crazy.