14 November 2017

7 Reasons Why Some People Wont Awaken (And Look At You As If You're A Bit Mad)

Why wont some people awaken
What do I mean, they won't wake up? Well, have you ever come across someone who, no matter what you say about spirituality, the benefits of meditation, paranormal experiences, extraterrestrial intelligence, conspiracy theories or anything else, they cannot accept any of it?

There might be fear on their face, it might be fear of you or fear of the topic, they simply lock down.  'I don't accept any of that!' or they base everything on science or atheism. The thing about science is that it has not discovered everything yet, plus many scientists are atheists too. They will hang on to the Newtonian paradigm for as long as they can because their jobs depend upon it. More and more scientists however, are coming around. So when someone says 'I believe in science', well, you can say that science hasn't discovered everything yet and in fact it's coming around to spirituality, so you'll get there in the end.

This is not about spreading dogma, it's about helping people to realize a little something that will help them feel happier, and you know, where inner peace is found, or help them realize the true self or the nature of reality.

You might think, 'why can't they just wake up a little bit?' Well here's why. There's cognitive dissonance going on within their minds. This is where the new information disagrees so strongly with held beliefs, that it causes a rejection that can feel quite unpleasant.

These beliefs are so strongly held that when you introduce an opposing belief, the cognitive dissonance creates an immediate feeling of rejection of the new concept. Their beliefs form part of their paradigm, part of their reality or illusion, and most importantly part of their ego. This is the sense of who they are and everything that makes them a person. If we shattered their sense of self, yes they may enter spiritual awakening. You may not necessarily be the one to do this. 

Each person is on their own path and they will get their in their own time. Their current ideas about reality, such as Newtonian physical laws, atheist beliefs, even religious beliefs, make them feel safe because it is what they know. If you were to introduce new spiritual concepts that made good sense, these ideas may cause their ego feel unsafe and out of control. Your ego makes you feel safe and supported, you know where you stand. If you start shaking those foundations it can negatively affect your confidence making it difficult to function in life.  New beliefs need to be created that you're happy with. So this is why people don't like to let go of their old beliefs because it forms part of their ego safety structure.

Another reason is the some people are just not destined to awaken during their lifetime. I know that I was always very spiritual as a child and I had my own ideas about reality. Some people are programmed or destined to wake up at a certain point in their lifetime, but for others it is just not part of their life plan to ever wake up.

I believe I was triggered to wake up at some point during my lifetime. It was part of my learning and experience aims in this lifetime, to fulfil some purpose due to my awakening. But for others it is just not part of their life plan.

Some individuals are literally earthlings. There are beings that have grown and evolved, lifetime after lifetime on Earth. Then there are beings who have come from various parts of creation to Earth, in an attempt to aid the planet and raise the vibration. So for the earthlings, if they are still experiencing third density lessons then their consciousness may not be at a point where they are destined to wake up. Any more experience, such as going through a spiritual awakening, just wouldn't make sense. This does not make anyone better than anyone else, all souls will get there in the end.

Another reason why people won't wake up is because potentially, they are caught in some kind of karmic loop. Some beings may be repeating incarnations on Earth in order to learn the lessons that an earthly incarnation brings. If these lessons are still not learnt, the individual is unlikely to progress.

Another reason why people will not wake up is because they are existing under illusions, unable to see past their programming and their current paradigm. They may soak up a great deal of mass media programming, as well as political, economical and social illusions, unable to break free of them. There is no disagreement with existing paradigm. Again it is no one's fault, they are just not ready. This does not make awakened people more special.

Then there are those, that even in the face of irrefutable evidence, they still choose to hang on to their existing beliefs. They may be unable to disagree with the evidence that you present to them, yet they still prefer their old ways of thinking, such religious beliefs. Conversely they might agree with you, but the very next day go back to the old way of thinking, due to a cognitive dissonance going on within their ego.

Some people are just simply happy in their third density reality and they do not want to break the paradigm. They may have consciously chosen to remain as they are, all the cognitive dissonance is simply too much to break those original beliefs. We must never feel negative about anyone who fits any of the descriptions above because we are all on our own path and everyone is different.

Now, this article is not about waking up as many people as possible, of course you can sow seeds of thought and some of these may germinate and grow. However every person will awaken when they are good and ready, it may be in this lifetime or it maybe during some other lifetime. We can only do our best and if you know someone who is experiencing a spiritual awakening, consider being there for them, just as you would like someone to be there for you.