24 November 2017

Do Twin Flames Make A Good Relationship? Yes, But...

Do Twin Flames Make A Good Relationship
Your twin flame is the split incarnation of you, the same soul incarnated here twice during one period of time. Weird right? But the higher self works in mysterious ways, projecting its personalities wherever it likes – even if it's at the same time!

When you see your twin flame for the first time, it can hit you like a ton of bricks. Literally, you're speechless. This sensation has been reported by many.

Your twin flame relationship doesn't have to be a romantic one, twin flames can be fathers and sons, sisters, mothers and daughters and friends. Almost any kind of relationship. Here however, we'll focus on romantic relationships.

Why Twin Flames Make Great Relationships, But...

1- You Recognize Each other, You're Familiar From The Start.

You feel right at home with your twin flame, you can relax and both click so easily. It feels amazing to be able to be your authentic self around someone. Your true self shines through, no pretending, and you can even help each other to know yourselves better too.


If your authentic self needs healing, there can be fireworks. During the process of inner work and balancing of the self, we heal traumas and reduce the negative energy we experience day to day. If we have not performed this process, then allowing your authentic self to shine through can reveal negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, anxiety, suspicion and more. These aspects are fuel for arguments. I recommend embarking on a journey of healing inner work.

2- You Have Such A Strong Connection

Right away your connection is deep. Like magnetism holding you together. Your love is intense and feelings are always bubbling up. Emotions, emotions, emotions! The twin flame relationship is a catalyst for emotions and this is due to the deep connection creating so much chemistry. You may never have experienced love like this before.


Insecurities can arise due to fear of losing your twin flame who is so dearly loved. Such intense feelings cause our subconscious minds to fear being hurt, petrified of a broken heart. We can become overprotective, jealous or unreasonably sensitive to each others behaviors. Good communication, reassurance and the ability to freely express love toward each other should alleviate these feelings.

3- You Learn Important Lessons From Each Other

One reason why you have incarnated together is that this important and exhilarating relationship will teach you many lessons. You are like a mirror for each other, showing you all the aspects about yourself that you do not necessarily realize.


It may be painful to realize certain things about yourself, such as, how we react in certain emotionally charged situations, and how we feel. This relationship however, can help us to understand what aspects of self really require healing.

4- Maybe You Are Here On A Mission Together

Perhaps you both incarnated here together, on Earth, at the same time, because you have both chosen a lightworker mission, a mission to carry out together. It's worth thinking about. Perhaps you will work as a team to raise the earthly vibration in some way.


It's worth remembering, even though you may be a double incarnation of the same soul, you do not share the same personality. You have differing wants and needs. Being accepting and accommodating of each other's ideas and preferences is useful here.

5- You Balance Each Other Out

Precisely because you have different personalities, you can balance out those personality traits that seem extreme or unhelpful. This may have been a lifetime learning aim for you both.

One of you may be adventurous, the other cautious, one spontaneous, the other a planner, one messy and the other tidy, and so on.


Watch for disagreements. Understanding that each of you are different is required. If your traits actually rub off on each other then any extreme traits can be easily balanced out, bringing more happiness and clarity to life.

6- You Can Become Quite Psychic Together

When we spend a lot of time with someone, we can develop a firm psychic link. This experience is often magnified with twin flames.

You come up with ideas at the same time, finish each others sentences, and even experience each others emotions.


If there are resentments building up within the relationship, they are not easily hidden. Again communication and honesty are key for resolving any relationship niggles that may be building up.

7- We Feel 'One' with Our Twin Flame

Twin flames can become so close that it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. You work as a team and move as a unit, if you have indeed reached that harmonious state that is possible with twin flames.


If your twin flame has to go away, for example, for work, then you can feel lost without them. Working on not becoming too co-dependent is useful, being emotionally self sufficient can be achieved through inner work. Imagining how you will feel and function without them, and putting measures in place to make life easier when they are away is also a good idea.


A twin flame relationship, when it's good, it's very very good – exhilarating and passionate, with plenty of chemistry. When a twin flame relationship gets out of hand, it can be quite frankly, a bit traumatic. A range of strong emotions are involved if one or both twin flames still carry strong emotions arising from past traumas, or if they have negative core beliefs about themselves.

Good communication is key, with lots of listening, patience too and learning the lessons that this beautiful relationship can bring. Enjoy the infinite love and be present in the moment.