13 July 2018

ORBS: What Are They? Do You See Them? Wow!

via https://youtu.be/ex7WYsPgKQY What are orbs? Orbs can be seen in photos when the people in the photos had no idea they were there. They can also be seen with our own eyes. More and more people are seeing them. Here I explain what they might be and various antics they get up to. Support this channel with Patreon: https://ift.tt/2ADZTCc Enrol in my Ascension Course or book a 1 to 1 session with Nicky Sutton via Skype, Facebook or phone. Online booking here: https://ift.tt/2gh64QH Raising the vibration through mass meditation every Sunday: https://ift.tt/2yUMc4a Search for Nicky Sutton on any social media and lets keep in touch.