21 November 2018

Heal Gaia Guided Meditation, Raise The Vibration Of Earth Global Meditat...

Raise the vibration of mother Earth, Gaia, with this healing guided meditation. It can be performed solo or as a group meditation. By setting our intention to heal the Earth we manifest a better future. We know that our energies make a difference, your infinite energies make a difference, you are an infinite being. Use your heart chakra to heal Gaia. Much love.

During guided meditations we relax the mind right down, lowering our brainwaves. This causes our subconscious mind to become dominant as the conscious mind moves into the background. In this state we do perform subconscious work such as creating new perceptions about the self, healing emotions and negative beliefs, accessinf our clairvoyance, claircognicance and more. We grow closer to our true infinite self in this relaxed state without interference from the conscious mind, it's filtering, thinking, evaluating, judging, deciding and doubting. We can heal, explore, expand and grow using our often neglected subconscious mind - the seat of all our memories, perceptions, emotions, lifetime- programming, and going deeper still; divine wisdom.

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