Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening
Are you having a spiritual awakening? You are not alone. This is when a new way of thinking dawns, about the universe, continuance of life, religion, human behavior and social systems. You may 'see the light' for the first time, departing from a mass media, consumer-driven, political, economical and social illusion.

What is spiritual awakening? We should really be asking, what does it mean to you? You may have come to the realization that the world is not what it seems. How individuals come to that conclusion differs from person to person.

Perhaps the key is realizing that death is not the end, it is simply the casting off of a beloved overcoat that has served its purpose, ready to move on to the next stage of existence. You may also have realized that there is more to our species than we see before us or are lead to believe. Maybe you think that our species consists of souls that inhabit biological bodies for a time, for the purpose of learning and enrichment, then return to planes where all things are remembered that have been forgotten. Here are some ways that you might have reached this stage.

You may have:

1. Studied a religion (as most have the same principles e.g. an afterlife, supreme being, need for love and goodness).

2. Known since you were young that there is more to life than what is before our eyes.

3. Learned about how science permits the existence of an afterlife and/or that consciousness has an effect on physical matter e.g quantum mechanics and the strange behavior of atomic particles (being in two places at the same time), other dimensions, space-time and time-space, black holes etc.

4. Recall of passed lives.

5. Seen or heard a ghost, have perceived psychic abilities or have contact with souls yourself as a medium.

6. Been in contact with a medium, healer or other spiritual person who has removed all doubt about the continuance of the spirit.

7. Belief in, witnessed or seen evidence of extra terrestrials and wonder how they fit into things.

8. Experienced a miraculous life changing event.

9. Learned about conspiracy theories or conspiracy facts, for example, that our spiritual abilities are purposefully suppressed via constant promotion of material goods, so that we focus on the material and physical, and generate profits for the wealthy, controlling, hoarding elite.

Whatever caused the spark in your mind that ignited your spiritual awakening, you may now be on a journey of discovery. You'll probably want to read, take advantage of online media, talk in a forum and talk to friends who understand you. One thing is for sure, your view of the world may be altered for good.

You might feel:

1. Like a mature soul surrounded by young reckless souls.

2. That you only have time for other enlightened people.

3. You cannot stand war, poverty, any kind of suffering, even anyone being unpleasant at all.

4. A need to ease the suffering of others.

5. An urge to meditate.

6. The need for more information.

7. Like an outsider. You see the world differently to others.

8. At one with nature and enjoy spending time with your children, grandchildren or animals - souls pure of heart.

9. Frustration that the world is what it is. That most people are asleep, trapped by distortions of mass media, economics, finance, power and greed. Further frustration that humans cannot find a way to live in harmony with each other, in tune with ecosystems and global resources. Bewildered by forms of negative behaviour.

10. Happiness and relief when you see or hear about acts of kindness and goodness.

11. That rightfully souls are all born equal on Earth and that no one has the right to a greater share of the planets resources. That we are capable of so much more, capable of harmony.

12. An urge to help others. To give and to receive love.

Make of it what you will. It is your spiritual awakening and you may take parts of this and piece together your own truth. Just be sure to take peace, love and light with you on your journey.

Spiritual Awakening - Video Version